Star Cinema offers a unique cinema experience which is fun, comfortable and truly memorable.

We have a proud policy of providing our region with independent, arthouse, foreign and classic films. We also screen quality crossover cinema releases. And while you gaze at the big screen from your couch, your cinema experience is enhanced with the flavour of Central Victoria in the form of a local wine or boutique beer!

Star Cinema operates in the grand setting of the Eaglehawk Town Hall, just ten minutes from downtown, Bendigo in Central Victoria. Cinema has played a major part of this building for almost 100 years. The original cinema, known as Star Pictures began operating in the early part of the last century, however, like many cinemas, it closed in the 1960s due to the popularity of the recently introduced medium of television.

In 1999, the pioneering Joan Rodger re-opened the picture house as Star Cinema. In the new cinema, couches replaced the hard old cinema seats and patrons could enjoy a glass of wine or beer as part of the Star experience.

In early 2004 Joan decided to retire from the world of cinema. A passionate group of people soon rallied to ensure that the Star kept operating. After a series of public meetings and much discussion with local Council and other bodies, the Star Community Cinema Association was formed, taking over the operation in April 2005.

Star Cinema utilises the original projection room and ticket booth that were functioning in the first half of the 20th century. A grand sense of history, enhanced by comfy couches and a licensed bar serving up local beers, wines, cider, ginger beer and snacks, means that Star Cinema represents a special place for many people, local and beyond.

Equally important is our film policy that ensures those who live locally have regular access to a number of films that they would otherwise miss experiencing on the big screen unless they travelled to a larger city.

Many cinemas offer a homogenised, formulaic film experience and, once inside, one feels that they could be anywhere from Melbourne to London, or Singapore to Seattle. Our patrons will tell you that, once they discovered Star Cinema, they have been enjoying this unique movie experience ever since.

Star Cinema operates on the country of the Dja Dja Wurrung People, whose ancestors and their descendants are the Traditional Owners of this Country. We acknowledge their living culture and their unique role in the life of this region.

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